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What is LETS?

LETS is a Local Exchange Trading System or community currency system which originated, many years ago, in Canada. LETS currency ('gumnuts' in our case) is created as mutual credit. Each transaction is recorded as a corresponding credit and debit in the participants' accounts. The quantity of currency issued is thus automatically sufficient and (unlike regular currency) does not depend on the judgment and effort of a central authority (such as the Reserve Bank).

Swan-Hills LETSystem is firmly established in the Darling Ranges and nearby suburban areas. From Morley to Sawyers Valley, and from Pickering Brook to Middle Swan, over 50 member families are offering a wide variety of services and goods over a very wide area and at the same time fostering community connections.

There are, literally, hundreds of LETS groups worldwide, all fostering community spirit. In Australia there are over 80 groups.

New members are very welcome.  Browse this site to see what it's all about, and see the links above for how to join, or download the printable brochure.

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