Changes from the previous website

  1. Notices expire after a maximum of 6 months.  Members can specify any expiry less than that (eg: 2 days for short lived notices)
  2. There is no member forum.  Everything is a "notice" (Offer, Request or Announcement) and members can comment on any notices.  The old member forum was mainly used for announcements and short lived notices so it makes sense this way.  All activity is emailed out once a day, instead of an email for every post as before.

Member functions

See also General help with using the internet (for internet beginners)

Once you are logged in, you will see a Members menu underneath the main menu at the top.  The main, black (public) menu will remain unchanged, and the new member menu shows you all your member only functions.

members menu

Add a new notice

The first item is "Add a notice".  Use this to post your offers, requests and announcements.  Here are the available fields, the required fields are shown in bold.  Everything else is optional.

  1. Category - notices are categorised as they always have been
  2. Title - Keep it short & sweet, put more details into the description field below
  3. Notice type - Offer, Request or Announcement
  4. Price - the gn price
  5. Per (each, per hour, per head)
  6. Payment terms (free, negotiable, plus $costs)
  7. Description - full details, pretty much unlimited text here
  8. Photos - easily upload photos from your camera or computer, no need to resize them first, the website will do it for you
  9. Allow comments - for questions (members only), you will receive an email if anyone comments on your notice
  10. Expires - maximum 6 months, can be as little as 2 days for short lived notices.  

Manage your notices ("My Notices")

Easily edit or delete your notices here. 

Keep you notices up to date & always have atleast 1 offer (this is in the member agreement). 

The fact that notices expire after 6 months maximum means that you will need to keep refreshing your notices.  (It also means that there will be no stale notices in the system).

Record a trade ("Transactions")

Record your trades here, and view your trading history.

Edit your profile

On your profile, as well as name & contact details, you can also share a little bit about yourself with other members.  This is private and for members only and is not visible on the public website.  You can also share your website links and social network links with other members.